Referral Program


The Referral Program for the ITAM Store was created with the intent of generating word-of-mouth regarding ITAM Games, and attracting new users to the platform. We felt that our actual users and supporters would be the best to spread the ITAM Store on a macro scale, as they use the service themselves and interacte with the ITAM Community first hand. Thus, we decided to reward these users that share the ITAM Store to their friends for their efforts.

By creating this win-win scenario, we as a company gain the benefit of increasing our user base and having more people know about us, while the users receive rewards for their efforts in getting the ITAM Store known.


Next, have your referral input your username in the Referral ID section when signing up. By username, this means either the ID that you created when signing up for the ITAM Store/ITAM Market, or your EOS account name.

After inputting the Referral ID and verifying, a message should appear confirming that the Referral ID was verified.

And that’s it! Once your referral friend completes the sign up process, you earn +1 Referral!

You can check the status of your referrals by logging into the ITAM Market website, and clicking your username in the upper-right-hand corner.

You can also view your Referral List by clicking your username in the upper-right-hand corner → Referral Event → scroll down to the bottom of the page.


There are currently 4 different ways you can earn rewards with the Referral Program: (1) Monthly Referral Ranking, (2) Make 20 Referrals, (3) Referral Friends Reaches Level 15, and (4) Referral Friends Make In-App Purchases.

First, you can receive ITAM Token rewards with the Monthly Referral Ranking Event. In this Ranking Event, rewards are paid out according to the top rankings of Referral Program participants. The 1st place winner receives 50,000 ITAM Tokens, 2nd receives 25,000 ITAM Tokens, 3rd 12,500 ITAM Tokens, and 4th ~ 10th place receives 3,000 ITAM Tokens.

The second way to earn is by reaching the 20 Referrals threshold. If you make 20 referrals, you will receive 2,500 ITAM Tokens!

Another way you can receive ITAM Token rewards is when your friend that you referred reaches level 15 on DarkTown. The amount of ITAM Tokens you receive depends on the number of referrals that reaches the threshold mark. You may receive 500~50,000 ITAM Tokens, depending on your achievements, and up to 5,000 users may qualify for this event.

For more details regarding the Referral Events, please check the Events page on the ITAM Market, or click here.

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