ITAM Games Bounty Program


The ITAM Games Bounty Program was created to generate exposure for the ITAM Games social media channels, and to attract more users to the ITAM Games ecosystem. We will be encouraging participants around the world to spread word-of-mouth of ITAM Games by rewarding the participants for their referral efforts with ITAM Tokens!

In order to participate in the Bounty Program, you must use the ITAM Bounty Bot on Telegram. The bot was designed to help the bounty activities of ITAM Games. With the ITAM Bounty Bot, you can create an account to start the bounty program, look up your bounty activities, and get bounty URLs to share with friends.

This is the complete guide in participating in the Bounty Program of ITAM Games :)

-> Creating a Bounty Account

-> Checking Bounty Activities

-> Tips to Get More Clicks

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