ETH Account Creation

In order to participate in the ITAM ICO, your own Ethereum Account is needed. This is because the ITAM Token is an ERC-20 token, meaning it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Although the ITAM Store platform itself is EOS-based, ERC-20 was selected for the ITAM Token because we wanted our tokens to be distributed on more major exchanges, so that ITAM Token can be accessed to more diverse people. Most major exchanges currently don’t enlist EOS based tokens, and as we already have bridge technology to connect EOS and ETH, we decided to issue our token on ERC-20. That being said, if you do not already have an Ethereum Account, here is the guide to creating one!

*An Ethereum account on an Exchange is NOT valid for the ICO Participation. You MUST have your OWN account.

** We have chosen to go with the Chrome Extension MetaMask for our wallet selection for this guide.

How to Create MetaMask Account

  1. First, go to the MetaMask website by searching ‘MetaMask’ on Google, or by going directly to 👉 (Always be sure that the site you are going to is the legit site!!) Once you are at the MetaMask site, click ‘GET CHROME EXTENSION’

2. Once you are in the Chrome Web Store for MetaMask, click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

3. A popup will appear asking if you would like to Add MetaMask, and showing what it can do. Once you have read and confirmed the info, press ‘ADD EXTENSION’

4. Once the installation is complete, press ‘Get Started’

5. You will be presented with two options. Because you are creating an account, press the option on the right of ‘Create a Wallet’

6. You will then see an option where you can help improve MetaMask. This is optional and not required, so after reading through the info, please decide if you would like to agree to or not agree to the option.

7. Next, you will need to create a password. The password must be a minimum of 8 characters.

8. This next step is critical!! The ‘Secret Backup Phrase’ is how you back up and restore your account. You should NEVER disclose your backup phrase, as your ETH is compromised once it is out. It is recommended you write this phrase on a piece of paper and store it in a secure place.

Click the area where it states “CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS’ to reveal your Secret Backup Phrase.

9. You will need to confirm your Secret Backup Phrase in the next step. Select the words in the phrase in the order that was given to you.

10. And the account creation process is complete! Read the ‘Tips on storing it safely’ and press ‘All Done’ once you’re ready.

11. You can now see your account, which shows your account, account display name, balance, and more. The code that starts with 0x… is your Account Name! You can copy it by clicking on the code. This is what you need to provide in order to participate in the ITAM ICO!

12. You can also change your Account Display Name by clicking ‘Details’ under ‘Account 1’

13. Click the pencil icon to change the Account Display Name.

14. Type the new display name you wish to set.

15. And now your Account Display Name is set! (Note, this is not your account name that you provide to us for the ICO!!)

16. You also have the options to deposit and send ETH.

17. You can access the MetaMask wallet by clicking the MetaMask Fox icon in the upper-right hand corner of Google Chrome.

18. This is how it’ll appear on Chrome :)

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