DarkTown Beta Installation

Getting Started

To get started, you first need the version of the ITAM Store with the TEST ZONE on it. You can check to see if you have the latest version by going into the SETTING. *The latest version of the ITAM Store as of June 18th 2019 is 0.3.1.

If you do not have the latest version, please update the ITAM Store. The ITAM Store should have automatically asked you to update if you do not have the latest version, but just in case it didn’t, you can manually update by going to the ITAM Store website and redownloading the Store.

Here’s a guide in downloading the ITAM Store → https://guide.itam.store/en/install-en

Once you have confirmed that you have the latest version, you can proceed to download and install the beta version of DarkTown.

Download & Install DarkTown

The beta version of DarkTown is not available in the GAMES tab. Instead, you can download the game by going to the TEST ZONE, an addition to the updated version of the ITAM Store.

In the TEST ZONE, you should see the option to Charge ITT at the top. ITT (ITAM Test Token) is the test token used to check and analyze the transactions on DarkTown. 1000 ITT will be given for free to use in the game, and can only be charged one time. Also, ITT will not be of value and unused after the beta testing of DarkTown.

Please Charge ITT before launching the game.

After charging ITT, please proceed to Download DarkTown.

Once you press the Download button, the game should proceed in downloading. Drag down from the top of the screen to see the progress of the download. Once complete, please open the file.

Once you open the file, it will ask if you would like to Install the game. Press Install.

The installation should begin.

After a few moments, the App should install.

Play DarkTown

Now that you have DarkTown downloaded and installed, try opening the app!

Select the account you would like to use, and you will be greeted in the game.

After going through the tutorial and setting your character, you can now enjoy playing DarkTown!

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