How to Update EOSTOCK

  1. First, open the current version of EOSTOCK by clicking the ITAM icon on your Chrome browser.

2. Next, press the menu icon on EOSTOCK.

3. Click and go to the ‘Setting’ tab of EOSTOCK.

4. This next step is crucial!! You MUST export a backup file of the current EOSTOCK you have. Press ‘Export Backup’ to export the file.

5. Once you press ‘Export Backup,’ the file will automatically download.

6. Once the backup is exported, right-click the EOSTOCK icon on the Chrome browser.

7. Next, press “Remove from Chrome”

8. A pop-up will appear asking if you would like to remove EOSTOCK. Press “Remove”

9. Once EOSTOCK is removed from your Chrome extensions, go to the EOSTOCK website. (https://eostock.io)

10. Scroll down to the area where it says “Install EOSTOCK,” and click the button.

11. A new window will appear of the Chrome Web Store. Press “Add to Chrome” to install EOSTOCK.

12. Another pop-up will appear asking if you would like to add EOSTOCK. Click “Add extension”

13. Once complete, a new pop-up will show, indicating that EOSTOCK has been added to your Chrome browser.

14. Now, press the ITAM icon to open EOSTOCK on your Chrome browser.

15. At the bottom of the EOSTOCK window, press “Import Backup File”

16. Next, click “Import file”

17. Find the backup file you exported earlier, and select it.

18. Enter in the password you used on the previous version of EOSTOCK (before removing).

19. Press “Confirm”

20. You have completed updating EOSTOCK :)

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