About ITAM Store

Play to Earn

A world where the things you acquire in games become real assets.

Welcome to the ITAM Store. The ITAM Store is a blockchain gaming store service that's developed to be able to do various activities on the blockchain.

With the support we give in blockchain technology, game developers can now easily record in-game assets and user activities on the blockchain, create NFTs linked to in-game assets, and reward users for their time and efforts.

On the ITAM Store, gamers retain full ownership of their in-game digital assets on their personal wallets, not on a central server.

In addition, they can trade these digital assets with other users, which will also be on the blockchain as well so that anyone can transparently see and track the transactions.

Furthermore, your achievements, leaderboards, high-score rankings, and other valuable experiences will also be recorded on the blockchain to provide further assets. All of these records can be viewed on the ITAM Market (itam.market), and will be kept forever.

Play-to-Earn, the time for a new way to play is here.

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