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Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain Wallet on ITAM Store

If you look in the menu of the ITAM Store, you will be able to see the various tabs and options supported on the Store. Amongst these, you'll find the blockchain wallet, which also serves as your personal wallet. Below is a diagram explaining the different tabs and displays.
ITAM Store Menu Overview

Blockchain Wallet

The wallet has two different modes, depending on which type of account you are using (ITAM, Facebook, Google account users vs. EOS account users). We'll look at the wallet for ITAM, Facebook, and Google users first.

Wallet - ITAM, Facebook, Google Users

1) Transfer - Deposit

This is to deposit EOS.

2) Transfer - Withdraw

This is to withdraw EOS.

Wallet - EOS Account Users

Next, we'll take a look at the wallet for EOS account users.

1) Transfer EOS

This is to transfer EOS.

1-1) Transfer EOS

You simply fill in the necessary fields and press 'Transfer'

2) CPU

This is to check your CPU and NET usage, as well as to Stake and Unstake EOS.

2-1) Staking EOS

Fill in the necessary fields, and press Stake.

3) RAM

This is to check your status of RAM usage.

3-1) Buying/Selling RAM

Proceed by filling in how much RAM you would like to purchase/sell.