Install & Play Games

Getting Started

First, you will need to download the ITAM Store app from the ITAM Store website. The ITAM Store is not available on the Google Play Store or any other Stores; it must be downloaded and installed directly from the ITAM Store website.

If you are an Android user with version 7.0 or higher, you can follow this guide to download and install the ITAM Store 👉

If you are an iPhone user or trying to access on PC, unfortunately ITAM Store does not have an iOS or PC version released yet. However, you can use an emulator to play on the ITAM Store. Here's the guide to doing this 👉

Once you have the ITAM Store installed, please open the app and login. There are 3 ways to sign up on the ITAM Store: (1) ITAM Sign Up, (2) EOS Login, and (3) Social Login.

Here are the guides for each methods

(1) ITAM -

(2) EOS -

(3) Social -

Downloading Games

Now that you have the ITAM Store installed and are logged in, you can start downloading games.

You can see the list of available games on the ITAM Store in the GAMES tab. From here, choose the game you would like to play, and tap 'Download.'

Once you do this, the download will begin. After the download is complete, you will be asked if you would like to install the game application. Click 'Install'

The installation will automatically begin.

After a few moments, the app installation will complete.

You should now be able to see the newly installed game on your phone. Please open the game app.

Now you can enjoy playing :)

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