Common Errors When Installing ITAM Store & DarkTown

Why Can't I Download ITAM Store & DarkTown?

The ITAM Store is a platform where blockchain games are offered in an easy-to-use, convenient, simple way. On the ITAM Store, there are currently three games: Spookiz Link Puzzle, Space Ride, and, of course, DarkTown. There are also more games set to release in the near future, such as CryptoFishing, Dungeon Princess, and the in-house development BlueDawn.

With the ITAM Store and ITAM Games in general gaining momentum and the userbase of DarkTown steadily increasing, we also have received many emails and messages from users informing us of the issues and errors they are facing while trying to download and install the ITAM Store and DarkTown. Today, we look to tackle these problems head-on and explain to you what's causing the errors, and how it can be fixed, if possible. I say "if possible," because some issues cannot be fixed at the moment; I'll explain in detail below.

Parsing and Infinite Loading

First, the most common errors that users receive seems to be the parsing and infinite loading errors. Many users face these errors when downloading the ITAM Store and/or running DarkTown. This may be due to several different reasons, and so if you are facing this issue, please look at the requirements and the reasons why the error may be coming up, and fix if possible.

Android Version

To use the services of ITAM Games, you must have Android version 7 or higher. We found that a lot of users that had trouble installing the ITAM Store and/or running DarkTown did not have the minimum requirement of Android 7 or higher. Please check to see that the device you are using has the minimum required Android version. You can do this by going into the settings of your device → About phone → Software information → Android version. Please note, this process may be different for your device.


Also, we've noticed that a few devices are unable to support ITAM Games. For example, certain Oppo and Redmi devices seem to not be able to download and/or run the ITAM Store/DarkTown. These devices need to be tested by us, and we will try to get a solution for these devices asap.


Moreover, certain users were unable to access ITAM Games services due to location reasons. For example, some users from China were unable to use the ITAM Store and the games available on the ITAM Store. This issue derived from the fact that China bans Google services, and thus we have adjusted accordingly to provide services for our Chinese users. The apps should be working fine now in China. However, there are other countries that still may be facing connection issues (different from China) that we need to still test out (e.g. some African countries). We will work to find a way so that everyone around the world can access ITAM Games.

Game Version

The biggest reason some users faced the infinite loading bug was because they had not updated to the latest DarkTown version. We released a patched version of the game that fixed the infinite loading error, and so if you are facing this issue, please make sure you have the latest version of DarkTown installed.


If you are unable to use ITAM Games services due to above reasons, such as device/location, you can use an emulator on a computer to enjoy the games available on the ITAM Store! Here is a guide to doing so:

ITAM Sign Up - ITAM ID, Social Login

Those that are unfamiliar with EOS and/or blockchain, or would just like to enjoy a more convenient way to "play-to-earn" have been using an ITAM Account to play the various games on the ITAM Store. The ITAM Signup process has been revised and updated as of September 23rd 2019. Several factors have changed and added, and we've prepared the following content to explain the changes and to clarify any confusion.

Login Password

The login password is no longer needed for social and EOS logins. Only ITAM ID logins require password setups now, and have the requirements of minimum 6 characters in English, contain numerical digits, and must have a special character.

PIN Number

PIN Numbers have been added with this latest version update. PIN Numbers are used for transaction confirmations for all three methods (ITAM ID, Social, EOS), and are not used for login.

ID Selection

Before, users were able to designate the ITAM ID they would like to use (aka username). However, the ITAM ID is now automatically generated, and ITAM ID selection is no longer available for any of the login methods.


Moreover, email inputs are available on all three methods of login (ITAM ID, Social, EOS). However, it is only required for ITAM ID and social, and is optional for EOS login.

Referral Code

In addition, we received a lot of inquiry regarding referrals. Referral codes remain unchanged, and is the area where you enter in the ITAM ID of the friend that recommended the game to you. By doing this, the friend that referred you receives referral points, and can benefit from various referral events taking place by ITAM Games. The key point here is that if you do not have a referral code, you do not need to enter one. The referral code is optional, and not a required field.

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