Tips to Get More Clicks

There are two tips to getting more people to click your links! These aren’t requirements, but just suggestions to optimizing your participation. :)

1. Shortened URLs

The first advice I can give is to shorten your URL links. The link given to you by the Bounty Bot is quite long and messy looking. I’d recommend using services like Bitly to generate a shorter, more compact URL to give a more simple and organized look.

This: looks a lot cleaner than this:

To shorten URLs, follow these simple steps: 1. Go to

2. Enter in your Bounty URL link, and click Shorten

3. Now you have your very own simplified URL!

Repeat for other URL links as well :)

4. And finally, upload onto your social media channels. Doesn't this look a lot cleaner than before?

2. CTA Up Top!

The next and final tip I have in generating more clicks is to keep your links as close to the top as possible. On social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., your text will be cut and “…See More” will appear at the end if it is too long. Thus, it’s best to keep your text short and to the point, and have your CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons/links, in this case your Bounty URLs, shown as much without having to click “…See More.”

If you see the two images below, the one on the left has a short and sweet message, followed by the links. Because the main text is short, more links are shown.

However, the image on the right has longer text, which in effect causes less links to be shown.

Remember, the point of the post is to generate CLICKS to the LINKS. Best to show the links without having a hurdle, in this case, the “…See More” button.

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