KYC stands for 'Know Your Customer' and is mandatory for ICO participation. The process confirms and validates a person's identity, making sure the person involved isn't an individual suspicious of money-laundering and/or other crimes. This must be completed and you must be approved for you to participate in the initial coin offering of the ITAM Token.

Documents & Info Needed

There are a few documents you need to go through the KYC process:

  1. Identification document- ID card, passport, driver's license

  2. Proof of residency- Payment bill (ex. phone, electricity, utility bills, etc.), bank/credit card statements, tax invoice, etc. (Documents must be within 3 months of issuance)

  3. Wallet address of cryptocurrency to use

  4. Wallet address to receive ITAM Token (ETH)

How to Sign Up

  1. First, go to the ITAM Games website ( and click the 'Register KYC' button under 'KYC' in the upper right-hand corner

    or go to

2. You should be able to see the below page.

3. Please insert your email and press 'Send Verification Code'.' You should receive an email with the verification code momentarily.

4. Once you receive the email with the verification code, please enter the code and press the 'Confirm Verification Code' button.

5. Once verified, please proceed with the registration process by creating the password for your account. The password must be 6~12 characters long.

6. Next, please check the boxes of the terms and policies, showing that you agree to all of the documents.

7. In this next step, please fill out your information, and choose a method to prove your identity. You may choose between 'Identification Card' or 'Passport.' Also, you must upload a picture of yourself holding your ID card/passport.

7-1. The photo for your Proof of Identity needs to be the front side of the card/passport, bright and clear, all 4 corners must show, and your ID number/passport number needs to be covered (e.g. with a post-it). In the case for South Koreans using their ID cards/driver's license, please make sure your social security number is covered.

7-2. As with the above Proof of Identity, the selfie of yourself holding your ID card/passport must be bright and clear, all 4 corners of the identification document must be showing, and the ID number/passport number must be covered.

8. In the Proof of Residency step, please fill out your address in the appropriate fields, and attach a document to prove your residence. The document may be an image of either your payment bill (e.g. phone, electricity, utility bills, etc.), bank or credit card statement, tax invoice. The document must be within 3 months of issuance.

9. Following this, please choose the type of cryptocurrency you would like to participate in the ICO with. You may choose between Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or EOS (EOS). Please also input the address of the cryptocurrency you will be sending from, as well as the amount you would like to contribute.

10. Next, please input the ETH Wallet Address you would like to receive your ITAM Tokens. This must be your own Ethereum wallet address *If you would like to read a guide on how to create an Ethereum wallet address, here is a guide provided by Publica on making an account on MetaMask:

11. Once you have filled everything out, check the box that you agree to the terms, click register. Token Purchase Intent can be edited once the KYC verification is successfully complete.

12. And that's it! Your registration has been complete. You just have to wait for your approval, which will take a minimum of 2~3 business hours (in KST). You can check the status of the screening process by going to 'My KYC' in the 'KYC' tab.

13. This shows that your registration was complete, and you just need to wait for the screening to finish :)


As mentioned above, please make sure to cover your ID number/passport number/ (in the case of South Koreans, your social security number)! Also, the photos must be in a bright and clear. The screening process may take longer than usually, depending on where you are. Because the process is in terms of business hours in Korea, your location may influence the duration of the screening process.

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