Pre-Registration on ITAM Store

With this feature, users are able to Pre-Register for upcoming games so that they can play the game as soon as it’s released. The process of Pre-Registering for a game is simple and easy to use. By tapping the Pre-Register page on the ITAM Store, users will be able to sign up for the game’s Pre-Registration.

To Pre-Register for a game, access the ITAM Store app, go to the GAMES tab, and on the top of the screen you should see the upcoming games available for Pre-Registration. By tapping the appropriate game, you will be able to see in detail the notice of the Pre-Registration, as well as select the account you would like to Pre-Register. (*Only one account can be used to participate in Pre-Registrations.) After completing the Pre-Registration, you will be sent a notification once the game is released :)

** The Pre-Registration feature is only on ITAM Store versions 0.2.4 and later. If you have an earlier version, please go to the ITAM Store website ( and redownload the ITAM Store app. (For more details, read here:

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